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19 May 2024

The Human Resources Development Fund Launches "Cooperative Training" Program to Equip National Cadres with Professional Experience

In continuation of its efforts to empower national cadres and enhance their readiness for the labor market, the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) has announced the launch of the "Cooperative Training" program. This initiative aims to provide diploma and bachelor's degree students, who have a requirement for cooperative training, with practical experience and professional skills. The goal is to prepare them for the labor market, improve their employability, and enhance the quality of cooperative training opportunities.

The "Cooperative Training" program, which is part of the "On-the-Job Training" initiative, aims to equip beneficiaries with the necessary knowledge and skills required by the labor market. It seeks to reduce the skills gap before students graduate and enter the workforce, shorten the job search period post-graduation, and provide high-quality practical training opportunities that align with labor market demands and the promising sectors identified in Saudi Vision 2030.

HRDF has called on private sector establishments, government agencies, and semi-governmental entities to access the fund's electronic services at and publish all their training announcements on the dedicated "Cooperative Training" page.

The program aims to achieve alignment and coordination between entities offering cooperative training opportunities and students in diploma and bachelor's programs who require such training. It ensures a seamless and effective digital alignment, allowing for the creation of entity profiles, listing training announcements, managing applications, facilitating communication between entities and students, scheduling training interviews, and completing all training activities, including recording trainee attendance and issuing certificates of training completion.

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